The Grsshoppr

The Grsshoppr offers you a way to print your your documents and make them looking old. Your newly earned diploma will look more awesome if it looks like 200 years old. Your first job selection confirmation can be more than an email in your inbox if you print it in a papyrus look and frame.

What does the name mean?

Grilhagem (Grasshopering) comes from a falsification scheme used long ago in Brazil. The goal was to fudge properties and landings papers and grow area (or invade) by pushing fences and borders against neighbors. These criminals used a simple technic: fake papers to prove it's gained growth and store it for a day or so inside a box and put together many grasshoppers. Their excrements produced by the grasshoppers and deposited all over the papers gave it a yellow look typical of aged papers. Plus, I'm now guessing a bit now, the edges probably were eaten by the insects, helping it to get the look of 50+ year.

Terms and conditions

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